How to Write on the Web



How to Write for the Web 


Taken from:

Concise, SCANNABLE, and Objective: How to Write for the Web by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen


Short Version




How to Write for the Web:


·        Conventional Guidelines for Good Writing:



o       Information has to be carefully organized (topic sentence, one thought paragraphs, precise language).



o       Credibility: Citation, using reliant sources, plausibility



o       It is important for a writer to know the audience





·        Web-specific Guidelines:



o       Scannability  (bulleted items, highlighting, paragraphs, headlines, dividers)



o       Short Texts



o       Objectivity



o       Clarity



o       Straightforward language



o       Hypertext



o       Well-organized sites that make information easy to find



o       Summaries, abstracts, keywords, conclusions upfront (i.e. inverted pyramid style)




o       Pictures and Graphs to complement the writing