Group 1

Popcultural References in Milblogs

Very common in Milblogs with a range of possible intentions:

  • Create a known atmosphere for the reader to strengthen his indentification with the blog
  • Strengthen the "Hollywood Effect" of the blog
  • Create Jokes, use Popculture to imply irony and/or sarcasm (e.g. Kaboom)
  • Self-Staging of the bloggers live 

To use Popcultural References within Milblogs, many different media are used:

  • Videos of the bloggers live
  • Popcultural Videos tied in to the story
  • Music (e.g. Kaboom)
  • Quotes (e.g. in camptions or embedded in the text)
  • Usage of scenarios describing combat scenes in a "Saving Private Ryan D-Day" style (high paced storytelling, switching from past tense to present tense to draw the reader into the situation)