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New Media and the Iraq War


Lecturer: Johanna Roering 

Technical Assisstant: Kim Unger


University of Tuebingen, SS 2008


From top to bottom:

The online essays, the class presentations, the reading with assignments and our online resources.


You can now pick up your graded papers in my office. Scheins/Credits will be available at the end of next week. (10.10)





Salam Pax as Diary or Blog
Double Consciousness and Iraqi Bloggers

Credibility effects of blogs and the mainstream media

Miriam S.
The Presentation of Iraqi Life in Riverbend's Blog
Presentations of Objectivity in Blogs and Online News
Credibility Effects in Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal
The Collapse of the Mass Media - Milblogs as a Different Perspective Of War-Time Writing?
Milblogs - objective war reporting or subjective story telling
Stephan Pictures in blogs: The influence on credibility and perception
Marijana Milbloggers - an endangered species
Stef "Army of Dude" - more than a  milblog
Oliver The Conflict between Traditional Military Censorship and Modern Media Culture
Thomas Paint It Black  -  Popcultural References In Warblogs
Charline Milblogs and Censorship

Stefan R.

Pathos in Milblogs

Natia Weblogs as a New Source of Information - Are Blogs Replacing Mainstream Media?
Martin Variety Makes the Difference: The Style of Kaboom

Unbelievable? How Warbloggers Try to Appear Credible

Björn Riverbend - Baghdad Burning: A Diary Or A Blog



Class Presentations:




PDFs of the Presentations:

5.6. Citizen Smash

 Please read the blog entries in the reader (p. 130-156).

 How is war represented compared to “Men in Black”?

 Is there a recurrent theme throughout the blog? 

 LT Smash-1.ppt
19.6. A Day in Iraq

Link to Johnny Cash's Song "Hurt" which inspired the blogger to write the entry we will focus on in the next session. The entry is titled "God, Hope, and Johnny Cash" (April, 2005).

How does the blogger use the song to convey his own feelings?

 A Day In Iraq.pdf



24.6 Salam Pax

Please read the excerpts from Salam Pax's blog in the reader, and then consider these questions:

 Consider Danah Boyd's essay "A Blogger's Blog" in the reader. Is a blog always like a diary? Why or why not?

 How does the narrator portray himself in the blog?

 Also, please briefly view the online blog at http://dear_raed.blogspot.com/. Look at the format, layout, etc. What can these details tell you? 




Please read the "Elections..." post (http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/2005_12_01_riverbendblog_archive.html) and consider the following question:

Is there anything exceptional about a woman writing a post like that?


Also, we'd like you to read this interview: http://www.buzzflash.com/interviews/05/04/int05016.html and ponder the question whether anonymity is an important feature of blogs.

How to Write for the Web


Army of Dude

Please read: http://armyofdude.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2007-12-16T23%3A30%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=10

entries of 3.Dec 07 and 19.Nov.07

What intentions do you think drive the blogger to write in the way he does?

Please look at the pictures and videoclips from 5.Nov.07 til 3.Dec.07 and think about how war is represented in these pictures/videos compared to the representation of war in the blogs we have looked at so far.




18.7. How to Write for the Web  




Theoretical Reading on New Media and War:


Session: Reading: Question:


Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Message
What might Mcluhan mean with The Medium is the Message

Martin Lister: New Media and New Technologies

 What are the characteristics of New Media and how do they differ from the so called ‘old’ media?


Read the text carefully.  Mark the main characteristics in the text.



Pick two, write down Lister's explanation and then rephrase and clarify what Lister means in your own words. Put these explanations up here

Jamila Adhobani: Bilder eines Angekündigten Kriegs

Robin Andersen: Militainment   

How did the war reporting shape the way in which the Iraq War was perceived?

What are the characteristics of war reporting presented by Adhobani and Andersen?


 Choose on of the texts.

What are the main arguments made in the text? Rephrase the three that are the most important in your opinion as newspaper headlines.


Post the headlines here .  Choose your favorite headline from the other postings.


Room 306

Ralph Berenger: Introduction: War in Cyberspace

Melissa Wall: Blogs of War

Which kinds of sources were online and how were they used?


What kind of narrative techniques and modes were used to report the war online? What are the differences between old and new media’s war reporting?

What are the specifics of online news reporting?
Buzzell: Men in Black

Roering: Getting the Word Out

Boyd: A Blogger’s Definition

What is a Blog?

What are the characteristics of Blogs?

What is the potential blogs might develop in a war?

What makes it different from Online News Media/ Old Media?







































 Online Sources:   


Blogs used in the Seminar: Online Articles: A small selection of Blogs and Online News Sources:

Citizen Smash:




Where is Raed: http://dear_raed.blogspot.com

A Day in Iraq:






Army of Dude: http://armyofdude.blogspot.com

Kaboom: http://kaboomwarjournal.blogspot.com/

 danah boyd

 A Bloggers Blog: Exploring the Definition of a Medium


Broken Metaphors: Blogging as Liminal Practice


Susan Herring, Lois-Ann Scheidt, Elijah L. Wright

 Gender and Genre Variations in Weblogs



Weblogs as a Bridging Genre



Inna Kouper, Lois Ann Scheidt, and Elijah L. Wright. Women and Children Last: The discursive Construction of Weblogs. http://blog.lib.umn.edu/blogosphere/women_and_children.html


Chris Chesher

Blogs and the Crisis of Authorship



Sharon Weinberger

 No More YouTube, MySpace for U.S. Troops.Danger Room, 13.5.07.


 Mark Tremayne, Ang Zheng, Jae Kook Lee.

Issue Publics on the Web: Applying Network Theory to the War Blogosphere. JCMC 12(1). http://jcmc.indiana.edu/vol12/issue1/tremayne.html



Lee Rainie et.al.

The Internet and the Iraq War. How Online Americans Have Used the Internet to Learn War News, Understand Events, and Promote their Views, 01.04.2003, http://www.pewinternet.org/pdfs/PIP_Iraq_War_Report.pdf, 11.03.2008.


Mernit, Susan: „Kevin Sites and the Blogging Controversy“, in: Online Journalism Review, 03.04.2003, http://www.ojr.org/ojr/workplace/1049381758.php, 05.03.2008.  



Gallo, Jason: „Weblog Journalism: Between Infiltration and Integration“, in: Gurak, Laura J. et al. (eds.): Into the Blogosphere: Rhetoric, Community, and Culture of Weblogs, 2004, http://blog.lib.umn.edu/blogosphere/weblog_journalism.html, 06.03.2008.



Choi, Junho H./Watt, James W./Lynch, Michael: „Perceptions of News Credibility about the War in Iraq: Why Opponents Perceived the Internet as the Most Credible Medium“, in: Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Jg.12, Nr.1, 2006. Online verfügbar: http://jcmc.indiana.edu/vol12/issue1/choi.html, 26.03.2008.

Mudville Gazette:



Iraq the Model:  








Captain Kj:



365 and a Wake Up:






The Sandbox:


Michael Yon:



Healing Iraq:


G in Baghdad:



The Mesopotamian:



Doc in the Box:



Ma Deuce Gunner:



From My Position... on the Way



A Soldier's Perspective:



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